We are still accepting applications for new vendors. For more information on becoming a vendor, please contact the Market Manager, Brody McAllister at herefordfarmmarket@gmail.com. Thank you! We hope to see you at the Market!

The Contented Rooster Farm

Mark and Lisa Gregory

We are The Contented Rooster Farm, a 17-acre farm in Parkton, MD. We grow vegetables, herbs; raise chickens (for both egg and meat), a variety of ducks, guinea hens and heritage turkeys. We also raise registered heritage Mulefoot Hogs.

We take the time needed to raise all our livestock the proper way: pasture raised to feed on wild grasses and insects. A diet of whole corn kernels and vegetable trimmings are also fed to our animals, often times by our children, Georgia and Finn.

All our livestock are hormone and anti-biotic free. In continuing to ensure quality, each bird and hog is processed by hand and is USDA certified. Our smoked meats are also nitrate free. We are a family farm, farming for all families.

Lisa Gregory runs The Contented Rooster Coffee Coop at the Hereford Market, featuring her delicious homemade pastries.

The Contented Rooster Farm
20772 Old York Rd
Parkton, Maryland
(410) 935-7670

Ferguson Family Farm

Lynn Ferguson

Ferguson Family Farm is owned and operated by the Ferguson Family. We are located only 30 minutes from Baltimore City in Baltimore County, Maryland. The farm is surrounded by the serenity of the beautiful Pretty Boy Watershed.

Ferguson Family Farm has been supplying all natural farm fresh Eggs, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Berkshire Pork, and 100% GRASS FED and FINISHED Beef to families for the past eight years. All of our chickens are free range and grain fed. No chemicals or Arsenic are used to enhance growth nor appetite. They are raised completely naturally and humanely.

A real treat is the extraordinary flavor of our Certified Berkshire Hogs.  Berkshire Hogs are a Heritage breed whose meat is prized for the wonderful flavor and texture by the American Pork Association. 

The Mission of the Ferguson Family Farm is to produce the most delicious yet highly nutritious foods for our family and yours. We use sustainable agricultural methods and models such as that used by Joel Salatin to rotationally pasture and graze multiple species of animals naturally.

All the animals are raised naturally, moved to fresh, clean pasture daily, and provided with clean, fresh water and wholesome natural feeds.

Ferguson Family Farm, Inc 
3443 Beckleysville Road
Parkton, Maryland 21120
cell: 443-845-1554


Oak Spring Farm

Lisa Duff

Oak Spring Farm is a small family farm in Freeland, MD, northern Baltimore County.  We are located just 5 minutes off I-83, easily accessible and easy to find from Baltimore City, Baltimore, Carroll and Harford counties as well as southern PA. We are primarily a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.

As of 2015 we are CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

Our mission at Oak Spring Farm is to provide our family and community with organic, wholesome fruits, vegetables and humanely raised eggs. We are committed to teaching our children and the community how living sustainably with great respect for the environment improves the quality of our lives.

Our CSA includes many different fruits and vegetables and truly pastured eggs from happy chickens. Our vegetables and fruits are grown organically and sustainably. People buy Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) pastured eggs year round. Our ‘handcrafted’ eggs are unmatched; far healthier and tastier than any store bought egg. We let our chickens roam to dig in the gardens, compost piles and animal pastures; the yolks are as bright and rich orange as a summer sunset! We feed our chickens Ross’s Feed, http://www.rossfeed.com, a locally grown and milled non GMO vegetarian mash.  

Lisa Duff
20633 Mt Zion Rd
Freeland, Maryland
(443) 417-8840


Nancy Greene

We sell whole Lamb for your freezer, custom-cut and USDA inspected and retail lamb cuts.

If you enjoy the delicious taste of fresh American Lamb, you’ll love GREENE’S LAMB. That’s because our lamb comes to you straight from our farm, for a taste as pure and natural as the land it was raised on.

And because it’s locally grown, you know you’re getting the finest quality lamb in the country.

We raise both Katahdin hair sheep and Southdown.

David & Nancy Greene
Greene's Lamb
2014 White Hall Rd
White Hall, MD 21161-9712
(410) 329-6241


Jana and Barron Shaw

For 102 years our family farm has been producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Located on the historic Mason-Dixon line, our farm offers some of the best quality fruit you'll find anywhere in the country, as well as local produce, jams, jellies, flowers, and canned goods. The orchard is open for pick-your-own strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and apples. Our website is updated weekly and is the best way to stay informed of the season.

We are committed to bringing you the finest quality, home-grown produce season after season.

Jana and Barron Shaw
5594 Norrisville Rd, White Hall MD
(at the end of PA Route 24 and MD Route 23
(717) 382-8879
(410) 692-2429


Pati Shaffer

Golden Grain bakes true Artisan breads made by hand from natural ingredients. No preservatives, and unbleached flour along with fresh milled whole wheat flour and other whole grains.

Golden Grain Bread
Pati Shaffer

Stefania Virgin Olive Oil

Contact: Kalliopi Kosmakos

The Contented Rooster Coffee Coop

Lisa Gregory

Lisa Gregory, a mother of two, a farmer's wife and a classically trained pastry chef, opened The Contented Rooster Coffee Coop at the market in 2014. The Coop --and Lisa's baked goods-- are a huge draw for the Market.  

Lisa had worked as a professional baker for over 20 years. When she and her husband, Mark, moved from the hustle of Baltimore City to a bucolic farm nestled between a picturesque stream and abundant woodlands in the serenity of Northern Baltimore County nearly 8 years ago, she chose to simplify her life and career. In operating the Coffee Coop at The Hereford Farm Market, she has been able to accomplish this.

"I use my training and experience to bake delicious pastries, both sweet and savoury. I have a collection of recipes from my years of baking- hand me down favorites like, Nana Ana's Chocolate Crinkle from my mother, to cookies inspired from non-traditional ingredients, The Schlapbach Fatback Molasses Cookie, using our own farm raised Mulefoot Hog bacon. I use our farm grown vegetables and herbs when preparing my Carmelized Onion & Tomato tartin, among other specialties. I use only real butter, unbleached & unbromated flours, vanilla beans, pure cane sugar and proudly use our farm fresh eggs in everything I make. " --Lisa Gregory





Cut Flowers

Sarah Castillo



Roy & Linda Albin
443-721-6692 (6693)

The vendors below are less regular than our vendors above. You may want to contact them individually to see if they will be at the Market on any given Saturday.

New Phoenix Pottery
Christine Williams
410-628-1418 H: 410-967-6341

Joshua Pickens

Pax Lorianna
Laurianne Bartlett

BR Blends
Iris Benjamin
410-771-4006 C: 443-610-7371



Blue Eyed Dragonfly
Heather Richard


Up in the Air Woodshop
Chris Williams